Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pigs Are Flying (or in my case, hooping ...)

I really thought it would be a cold day in hell when I started a blog. That it would happen when pigs flew ... and here I am, determined to share my hooping insights with the world through a blog.

I know many people who blog. They blog about this and that. Many blog well, many do not, but I still read them. So, from many requests to do so, I created my blog page months ago, and it sat there empty. But, now I am finding that even if one or two people read this, it's worth it. I am a firm believer in world peace from the center of a hula hoop and perhaps from blogging about it, I can transfer that peace around a bit.

It's been a really busy hooping season. I found no time to Hoop outside of class instruction - and I found that my mood has suffered for it. I also found that when I don't hoop outside of teaching class, I don't teach as well. So, even though I hoop 12 - 13 hours a week from teaching hoop class, I have vowed to hoop at least an hour every week on my own; even if it is in bits and pieces. It's necessary for many reasons - mostly for the people who live with me!

I made a list of 10 things I feel when I hoop today. It felt good to do that - it reinforced how much I love it. Hooping allows me to be "self-centered" without guilt. I feel "me" and it allows me to let go and be free. It's meditative. I may not be able to get the world to revolve around me, but darn it all, my hoop does and it likes it!

See, the hoop is a funny thing. It comes alive when it is on my body - it listens to me and more importantly, I listen to it. Where in life can you find such a perfect relationship? Such agreed upon give and take? Nowhere. Only within the hoop.

So, yes, pigs are not only flying; in my world, they're hooping too. I'm sharing my hoopjoy in written form for you to view, ridicule and even comment on. Or, to make fun of at a party. I'm out there now. My hoop told me to do it ... and it wants me to tell you all the things I do with it. So, I'll be back. Thanks for reading my first post.

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